You’re one bomb diggity entrepreneur.

You just dreamt this business up and like a boss: you made it happen.

Your hustle has gotten you this far, no doubt. Deep down
you know there’s something more.  

Something’s not quite how you thought it would be…

Your days are full, no question. They are filled with this and that and this and that: busy-ness. Busy-ness that does not equate business: ROI activity. There is always lots to do, there in lies the challenge in maintaining what you have built and laying tracks to steadily moving forward.
There are days that you are working your butt off, I hear ya. Let’s look at how we can increase your efficiency, sharpen the saw, shall we? Not to say the days working your butt off are over, that definitely won’t end right away. Though with each new level of success, comes a new set of challenges opportunities. You need to have structures in place to underpin the . You need to see the end in sight (of this level), You need more money in the bank at the end of the month to opportunities to grow in other ways are explored. Let’s create a business that works for YOU, so you can rest or celebrate for goodness sake. Then you can chill a bit and reflect on how far you’ve come, as well as how far you want to go.
The grind is, well, a grind.

And you know in your gut that there’s a whole other level of success waiting for you.
You can taste it. Ready to debunk the work life balance myth, anyone?

You just have to reach out and grab it.


Sound pretty good?… that still leaves the question, how.

Well, That’s where I come in.

I’m Marcell Hanson, and I help driven entrepreneurs (like you) maximize their productivity and profit. I am here to revolutionize your business and your life. Are You Ready?

I know, I know, You’re so wrapped up IN your business.
You can’t imagine finding the time to work ON your business.

The truth is, you might not ever see things differently on your own. That’s a reinforced reality for the majority of entrepreneurs, thinking they can bootstrap their way to freedom. The difference between them and you is that YOU are here, looking for insight, looking for a way to sharpen your saw, looking for something, right? Together, I am confident, that we can take your business to the mind-blowing level.
I am talking about reaching a level, where right now, you can hardly visualize. The level where you make a real impact. The level where people are seeking you out to connect. The level that supports the causes you want to be involved, where you pay it forward. The level that enables you to create the lifestyle that fuels you> The level where growth is exciting and challenges are truly viewed as opportunities. Your business is robust and you have proven your resilience. Revenue is predictable and doesn’t weigh on your mind. You manage your time like a mega-mogul, and where you are actually living the lifestyle that fuels you – can you PICTURE THAT? Because I have many times over and I can for you also. I have a track record of advancing my clients to heights that were otherwise unimaginable.

That’s what “Shifting Your Game” looks like.

Are you ready to SHIFT?

Apply for a Business Breakthrough Session NOW. THIS IS a game changer.

{Let’s do it.}
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Marcell accommodated my enthusiasm...was able to steer me to details that I might not have otherwise articulated. She had emailed me a few times before the session and had given me excellent tips with which i could create Massive Action!!! before we actually met. This was a positive experience for me. I found her humourous, informative, unpretentious and generous! Marcell gave me energy, which is priceless these days. I didn't feel taken away from when she left, even though I had just revealed my living dream to her. I felt energized and affirmed. Thank you!
Passionate Pioneer, Victoria, BC, Canada