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Shift Your Game

It's time for you to become the you you've always wanted you to be.

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Clear your mind and heal your spirit.

Move forward through the hurdles of your life with confidence.

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Love. Laughter. Purpose.

You can bring these into your life again.


You: A whip-smart entrepreneur with more dreams than you have time in the day.
Me: A tenacious, relentless fireball and business strategist who will not let you off the hook.
So the question I have for you is this… Are you ready to take your success to the level of significance? In other words: are you ready to blow your own mind by breaking into a whole new income bracket?
Because here’s the thing: you know and I know that your dreams - whether they consist of building a community foundation, rescuing stray dogs, or launching a new branch of business - cannot happen without more cash flow.
This is a painful fact. You want to do more good in the world. You want to expand, to experiment, to grow. Well, then you’re going to need more capital. You’re going to need to up-level your business. And this is not to say that you haven’t been killing it already, kinda.

Bills are paid. Kids are fed. Maybe you’re even operating in the black.

But you just know that your business could do better. You just know that you could better.

Here’s what I know...

Your number one holdback, the thing that’s keeping you from achieving that next level of success…
is your emotion.
Plain and simple. Now, let me explain. This isn’t some sexist, philosophical commentary. Because fellas, this goes for you too.

Something happens, someone bawks at your prices or sometimes someone just looks at you a certain way and you give your power away and it knocks you off your game.

And, I get it. I’ve been there.

The truth is this. You don’t change your business by just fantasizing about it, tweeting twice as much or hanging out more on Facebook! No!
You change your business by changing YOU.
If you’re not managing YOU, you’re not managing your business. And that all starts with: Your emotional state. This is the secret of every high achieving, high impact, consistently-mind-blowingly successful entrepreneur in the world. (Trust me, I’ve done the research.) They don’t follow anyone else’s rules but they manage the heck out of themselves.
Except what makes me different, and that I will teach you, is after two decades of experience with the most effective strategies, tactics, and programs, each and every day I manage my state better and better. It's the day by day progress, and being able to take massive action with ease, that add up to big results.
I learned this lesson the hard way.
If you’re looking for my story, you’re not going to find one neatly wrapped up with a bow.
Because, like many of my clients, my story is not a straight trajectory. It doesn’t have a logical beginning and it sure as hell isn’t over yet! My story contains a series of starts and stops and trial and error and risking and failing until I hustled my butt off and finally discovered the power of state management. Also known as: the science of managing your emotional state. I had oodles of opportunity to learn lessons, from even a young age. As the third of four children, I was easily the one making ripples in the pond. And I definitely chose the road less traveled.  After a handful of dead-end jobs as a young adult, I stumbled upon a teacher, a teacher of teachers, in fact. After years of studying and implementing a daily practice, it was state management that altered drastically the trajectory of my life. I would go on to develop rituals that currently bring great joy to my life. But even after finding state management all those years ago, my life was not without challenges. After 15 years of a most amazing life anchored by my daily discipline, a relationship torn apart through miscommunication left my faith shattered and my daily practice abandoned. What, in hindsight, could only be described politely as; emotional turmoil. This went on for what seemed like eternity, until I dug and scratched my way back to solid ground. And once I pulled the pieces back together again, I gained perspective and insight on how I could strengthen my state management ten fold. And I have made it my mission to teach this wildly effective method to other entrepreneurs. Why, you may ask?
Because entrepreneurs rule the world! AND I want to see you succeeding beyond your craziest dreams, able to do whatever it is your heart desires. Whether you dream of taking vacations all over the world whenever you feel like it or buying a Tesla P85D, you know… the revolutionary new electric car, the one with auto pilot. Whatever is aligned with your values and makes you feel good, I want you to have.
So this time next year, during your moderate downtime, while your business is blowing up, you’ll be deciding if you want to hire a live-in nanny or a private chef. (Or maybe both.) THIS is the level of fulfillment I am dreaming of for YOU, and your business. But, trust me, you’re not going to get there if you let external situations control how you perform in business (and in life). I call that “emotional victimhood,” it’s your greatest foe. Falling pray to it is an all too often, and totally unnecessary, reality. It so does not have to be that way. Yes, we all fall down and have challenges, it is how we overcome them and how quickly we rebound that sometimes decide our fate. Together, we’ll create a tactical game plan to slay that beast so that you stand victorious every time. Because managing your state doesn't mean no more demons. Not at all. We are not looking for no more problems, we are shooting for a higher quality of problems! Because with your state managed, they are all just opportunities to show everyone whatchu got (including yourself)! Together, we’ll shift your game. So are you ready to become unstoppable? (Because I don’t work with people who aren’t.)


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Marcell is a comet in the night sky. Her clarity and consistency of message are like a sharp blade cutting with precision and decisiveness. She swiftly dealt with my insecurities by acknowledging my weaknesses and giving me a plan for addressing them all the while championing my strengths. Marcell's absolute belief that my goals are realistic and achievable have motivated me to express my vision confidently. Marcell not only knows her stuff cold, she knows how to break down learning into manageable chunks (and that is high praise coming from a teacher!). Marcell gave me a model for identifying my clients, a method for handling particular clients in the way best suited to them, and most importantly the mantra of give, give, give, ask as plan for moving people from merely interested to paying client.
Elisabeth Stitt, San Francisco, California