Interested in Results or Committed to Results, which one are you?

People express to me often that they are just not where they want to be in regards to their business; not enough clients, too many things to do, not enough time, feeling run down. These statements are all too commonplace. As Chuck Blakeman may say they are average, not normal.

I have to then ask, are you interested in achieving xyz results? Or are you committed to achieving said results. The truth is in all cases, if you are simply interested in achieving the results you have set out for yourself, you won’t. You will try, you will struggle, adversity will present itself, you will tell yourself a story, you will create a limiting belief, you will complain and make excuses and then eventually you will give up. And who wouldn’t? Of course you will give up when you have created an impossibility for yourself.

When you are committed to your goals and to your results, you will achieve all the success you can handle. The moon and the stars will be within your reach as you will take whatever action necessary to achieve your goals and you will likely be very happy with yourself along the road less traveled. You will not accept adversity or challenge as a determining influence of your success. You will obtain the skills that are needed, the team that is needed, you will hire the coach that is needed, meet with the mentors that are needed, you will take massive actions, you will see massive results and you will crush your goals!

Ask yourself if you are simply interested in the goals you have set forth or if you are truly committed.

I reference a OneTwoJournal in the video this is not a particular journal for purchase. It is any journal that you have or make, lined or blank, no matter. I invite you to build the habit of bringing it with you everywhere you go and utilizing it often, daily at minimum. Also, it is vital to maximum results, review it weekly.

As always, please if you found this information of value, Share it with someone you think could benefit from it. And feel free to send me a comment, a request for a future VLOG/BLOG topic and of course…

Until next time…

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I have had the excellent fortune of working with Marcell... When we first met and she decided to take me on I was lacking direction, focus, and energy. I had lost touch with what my business was all about, and I was disconnected from my dreams and goals. I was running from a place of exhaustion. Through Marcell's support and guidance I have been able to take a step back and see a bigger picture again. I can confidently say I have a vision for the present and future of my business, and all this has been built up from Marcell's encouragement of creating the habit of a healthy lifestyle. I feel so much gratitude towards Marcell and the changes she has helped me make, and the confidence she has helped me build!