How would you like to create stellar success and still do the work that really matters to you?

(Yes, you absolutely can.)

Maybe you’re a creative powerhouse.
Certainly, you’ve got skills. You’re motivated (somedays). You’ve got a vision. Now let’s build on that.
Create freedom, choices for you and your family. Let’s use the tools that are out there to make it happen, now.
By this point you have certainly figured out how to get things done.
You’ve already built a foundation for your business and you’ve learned a lot.

The problem is… with success comes tonnes of work. Maybe your Hustle is sagging.
Perhaps your focus is off, your purpose clouded. Whatever you are facing, right now, there is a solution.

We all know that when we’re bogged down handling all of the details in the business…

We’re can’t really work on the business.

It’s tough to focus on what comes next.

Hard to nurture new ideas.

All that makes reaching the next level impossible.

No doubt, you’re making ends meet, yet most likely not a lot of cushion!

Everyone needs support from time to time to leverage what’s already working. And to boost them to the next rung on the ladder.

Well, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

If you’re…

  • tired of treading water with your business and you’re ready for some traction!
  • not getting to that next level because you’re swamped handling the day to day
  • ready to channel your energy into projects for the future
  • that same old minutia, day in and day out is wearing on you
  • done taking things personally when you know it’s “just business”
  • struggling to keep your emotions in check in order to consistently take action
  • looking for more thrill in the business and more time with work and family
  • stoked to see more money in the bank at the end of each month
  • ready to get the help you need, take action and bring your business to the next level NOW yesterday
If yes, then it’s time to do something about it.

Because here’s the deal: business is like life.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying.
Are you growing so much you feel like dying?
Or are you dying and want to get back to growing?

Either way, you’ve got a lot more to do in this lifetime!
You can’t hang around here doing the same old same old, day after day.

The solution is actually simple. The payoff is monumental.

It’s time to work smarter, and harder, now.

Ya dig?

Our Shift Your Game Program was designed precisely to move you – hopefully willingly *wink* – to the next stage of business so you can grow and explore new uncharted (uber-profitable) territory.
You want more sales? You want the phone to ring and the doors to swing? YOU CAN DO IT. You want to assemble a reliable, competent, get-it-done team to supercharge your productivity and profitability? YOU CAN DO IT. You want to cut your work hours in half, Not quite yet-It’s hustle time, baby!
Take a minute now, Can you imagine…
  • Jumping out of bed in the morning, ready to rock-n-roll, each and every day because “work” feels sexy and exciting and sometimes easy; clarity permeates your every move, decisions come without hesitation and there’s nothing strenuous or overwhelming.
  • Having the time and bounty of energy to live the life you currently dream of? Because you did what others weren’t willing to do. You leveraged the knowledge you have to get more! You created an option to venture out and build that not for profit you’ve been thinking about, or devote yourself to more creative adventures. Now you can grow another branch of business without worrying the foundation is going to fall out from under you. Shoot you can start a rock band if that’s what turns your crank – all good. Let’s do it. Let’s start making it a reality, now.
  • Taking that long-delayed trip to Italy, or Peru, or Thailand because – damn – your business can finally afford you those resources and bonus: it can sustain grow itself while you’re away!
  • Treating yourself to a massage every week because you’ve hit your new annual income goal or hit the early tee time with your pals cuz hell, if those aren’t great ways to celebrate regularly.
  • Enjoying utter peace of mind when you’re with your loved ones (for once) because, while you’re still hustling daily, you’re able to be totally present when you’re not at the helm. No more worrying about something falling through cracks or being mismanaged.
You can reach this level of success, no doubt.

And it doesn’t have to feel like you’re a hamster in a wheel to get there.
(Even though it has lately.)

After studying many of the world’s most successful people, we’ve discovered the one key trait they all share.

They didn’t have to discard their humanity. Or end their relationships. Or live a life without family to make it. No. Though many of them did just that on the road to learning how to consistently and effectively manage their emotional state.

We call this “state management” and it’s our specialty.

Maybe you ARE capable of bootstrapping it yourself. But at what cost? Your heath? Your family? Your sanity? Doing it all yourself is unlikely to be a successful venture. However, with the right help, you could rise to the top 2% of the population keeping it together AND staying focused AND generating energy to take action without delay… consistently. That is where true freedom is at.

If you are tired of just “better than average,” it’s time to get the support that you need.

The Two Month Intensive is nothing short of a game-changing intervention.
If you want to continue doing just what you have been, expecting different results, this is not for you.
We don’t just talk about your marketing, or your sales process, or your short and long term goals. We help you to implement a solid sales and marketing approach with proven success, in 2016, in your specific industry.

We DO discuss those things yet we are consistently fine tuning every aspect of business, piece by piece, aligning you with your purpose in business and life, and directing you to make empowered choices that will turn those distant dreams into a tangible reality.

60 Days to Shift Your Game is only for…

  • Pre-qualified go-getters who are hungry for new knowledge, support and techniques that are going to dramatically improve their processes and efficiency.
  • Successful business owners who need to streamline their work habits, recalibrate their life management and increase their sales by 30% in the first 60 days.
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs who have hustle and are self aware.
  • Those who are ready to invest whole-heartedly (financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually) in themselves and their business to see massive results.

If this sounds like you, read on…

“’Shift Your Game’ is so bang on and is delivering the real goods straight-up!”

– Educational Dean, Victoria, BC, Canada

“Marcell challenged me and wanted to see my commitment to growth and change. The tasks…were extremely uncomfortable, but so much growth came from the awareness…My life has really changed in the last few months since working with Marcell. I have gained more focus and clarity on who I am, what’s important to me, goal setting and taking the steps to get there. I feel inspired again and in control of my life and direction. I have become excited again.”

– Small Business Owner, Victoria, BC, Canada

“State management…has absolutely rocked my world, not only professionally but personally as well.”

Entrepreneur, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada


Your investment in yourself and growing your business is the single best investment you can and will ever make.

This is not a small ticket item, it’s not a bargain basement deal.

This is high level, in depth, premium program for committed professionals, looking for high impact, immediately.

Just as soon as you pull the trigger, your ROI begins.

If you are ready to make a change, let’s do this. You can start your application process right here.

If for any reason we find that our services are not a fit, we will happily provide you with resources that will suitably meet your needs.

For the past three months I have been working with Marcell from Shift Your Game B2B Solutions. In this short amount of time I am truly impressed…She is professional, reliable, supportive.. She has tremendous dedication in helping me to reach my goals and become a better leader. I have been given many different tools and strategies…that are easy to use, and most importantly, practical. Since using these strategies I have found that over all I have become a better communicator and a better manager. I am excited to continue my coaching experience with Marcell because I have already grown immensely as an individual and as a professional.

– Caitlin W., Victoria, BC, Canada

How We Shift Your Game.

One-on-One Support Package
You’ll have a One-on-One VIP 180 Mastermind Session to start off with.

Afterwards, we will integrate & implement your action plan with clarity of purpose. We will assess your forward movement and tweak, as needed, your actions during regularly-scheduled phone sessions, with Marcell. We will dig into your state, your strategy, your purpose, and what’s next for you. You can email between sessions to share a win, get ongoing advice or feedback throughout the four months. I’m here to support you completely in moving your business (and life) to the next level of success. Also known as: the mind-blowing level.

Here is just some of what you can expect from our first four months together, we’ll

  • clarify your business mission so you can take action on purpose
  • examine where your emotions are taking a toll on your business (and happiness)
  • devise a game plan to move you forward
  • generate rituals and routines that will keep you clear-headed and focused
  • expand your business to achieve your dreams
  • review your business model for profit holes and opportunities
  • plug any money leaks in your business
  • design a schedule for your work and life that keeps you productive
  • discover what work/life balance looks like for you
  • refine your business systems and processes
  • create long and short term goals together to keep you accountable
  • prioritize your task list to keep you productive but never overwhelmed
  • consider where you need to outsource
Why is this program four months?

Because while a small shift can happen in an instant, lasting change and improvement takes time. It takes 21 to 40 days just to develop a new habit. The four months is just where we start.

We are all a bit in love with the idea of an overnight success, the truth is – it’s just an idea, a myth – it ain’t real! With most of my clients, the noticeable changes start to happen just after your commitment to success and then again about 45 days in, and then its pretty much ongoing.

Many of our clients continue to work with us on an ongoing retainer for a period of 24 months or longer. They experience tremendous growth and the greatest shifts and honestly fierce success. That said, a commitment to a minimum of two months is necessary to make our time and your investment worthwhile. If you are not willing to go “all in” on your business and your livelihood, whether for a one-off or two months, this is likely not a fit for you, (anything less than 100% commitment would be cheating you and your business.)

“Marcell is a comet in the night sky. I think of myself as high energy, but her drive is phenomenal. [As the founder of Shift Your Game] Her clarity and consistency of message are like a sharp blade cutting with precision and decisiveness. She swiftly dealt with my insecurities by acknowledging my weaknesses and giving me a plan for addressing them all the while championing my strengths. Marcell’s absolute belief that my goals are realistic and achievable have motivated me to articulate my vision confidently.
Coming from twenty-five years of teaching, I didn’t know the first thing about becoming a business woman. Thank God Marcell not only knows her stuff cold, she knows how to break down learning into manageable chunks (and that is high praise coming from a teacher!)…”

– Elisabeth Stitt, San Francisco, California, USA

“I feel we pin-pointed an area early on that will make all the difference. Marcell took the time to ask questions and helped me be even more aware of particular issues. I felt she understood what was missing and made it clear that resolving this would be a first focus followed by other areas.

I feel she is very experienced and understands where I am in my development, both personally and professionally. I get the sense that our area of focus will create more value than I could imagine. She describes things in such a way that help me along and keep me on track. I like what she has brought to my attention and how a different perspective makes a massive difference in every aspect of my life.

I like her approach and her understanding of what’s holding me back and how to get past it.”

– Salesperson on 100% Commission, Victoria, BC, Canada


One-Off Session – Shift Your Gear

On a case by case basis, I will also work with people in a one-off capacity. The Shift Your Gear is a quick business blitz. You will sit down with one of our acceleration experts for 90 minutes going over your business model and stuck points. You’ll discover where you are wasting time and money and what opportunities you may be missing. We will then devise a rapid fire game plan to get you operating at your optimum – lightning quick. Typical results for the one-off are a 30% increase in sales in the first 60 days. The cost for Shift Your Gear is a one-time consultation fee of $2500. Request additional information regarding consultation on retainer and you may qualify for a reduced rate for your quick business blitz!


VIP 180 & 360 – Shift Your Growth

These are specifically geared to you and your business. They are half day and full one day, one-on-one, accelerator sessions and can be held in person, by Skype, or by phone. They are comprehensive stand alone offerings, they are complemented powerfully with ongoing ROI Performance calls to tweak the execution of the profit plan and further accelerate sales. That said, they are also a powerful stand alone option for those who need to see visible profits immediately.


Coming soon…

The Garage Series – 21 Day Relationship Overhaul

This one is for you fella entrepreneurs who are seeing your relationship get rocky as you build your biz!

Managing work and home life is tough, and it all takes work, so let’s dig in.

This 21 day online-course will overhaul your relationship so you can get back to focusing on maximum productivity and profit, stat. You’ll get a full 21 days of actionable strategies and small shifts to makeover your primary relationship STAT plus live Q&A calls with yours truly.

Curious to hear more? Enter your name and email below to register now!

To Your Game,

More about me.

I specialize in state management. I have spent nearly two decades studying the habits and characteristics of the world’s most successful leaders, within any industry. I will help you put into practice the framework that works for you and your business. The strategies you will implement with my training are guaranteed to move you, and your business, to the next level. Now you can go from overwhelmed to over-your-profit-goals in the most efficient way possible. I have a PhD in Results and working with me is likely to be the best investment you’ll ever make. If you have what it takes…look me up right here.

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