The True Cost of Social Media Addiction

Are you spending one hour a day perusing Facebook or surfing the internet unproductively?

Let’s do some quick math, one hour a day of social media or surfing the web, after one year equates 365 hours, YIKES!

or the equivalent of NINE 40-hour-weeks, WHOA!

If you are cool with that, great. However, if that comes as a surprising total then let’s brainstorm and create a new possibility.

Let’s think of all the possibilities that could come from rearranging the one thing that seems illusive to many of us: TIME.

Suppose you spent 2/3 of that time, earning just $15 an hour (over $3500) you could spend the other 1/3 of the time packing your swimsuit and relaxing on the beaches of Mexico sipping cool drinks with umbrellas in them while the smell of coconut oil fills your nose!

Or you could spend that hour a day practicing pilates, yoga, walking, learning to juggle, knit, repair your own bicycle, play the guitar, reading, having a face to face conversation with another person, being in nature…

In order to be happy, we need to be making progress. World Class Coach Anthony Robbins is known for saying Progress = Happiness. I have to agree. True happiness doesn’t come from achievement, rather from the day in and day out, small baby steps that we take consistently, that do in fact lead to extraordinary achievement, that bring us happiness. In fact, they do more than that, they make us who we are. For it is the journey, not the destination that shapes us.

Take a look at where you are spending your time, where you are investing your energy day after day. Is it a conscious choice? If not, perhaps it is time to make an informed choice of where we spend our precious time.

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