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Just as professional athletes need coaches to help see them through their most crucial game, entrepreneurs like you can benefit from having your own Coach to help you see through the twists and turns of the most crucial aspect of your business. Whether you need to attract more clients, better your sales funnel, improve your conversion, nail your social media presence, branding or website – working with a coach that knows entrepreneurs will get you the results you need in the most efficient way possible. Maybe your business has taken over all the other aspects of your life and now you need to lose weight or really learn to connect and communicate authentically with your loved ones. Working with a coach that is an entrepreneurial expert, someone who can really help you move easily toward your goals, more efficiently than you ever could on your own is invaluable at any stage of your business.

If you are ready to double, triple even 10x your business or if you are needing to re-organize your personal life so that your business doesn’t suffer here are 10 preliminary questions to ask yourself. Honestly, if the answer is Yes to even one of these questions, then consider applying to work with me to get the results you want and deserve.

1. Do You ever ask yourself, “What am i missing?”

Coaching is designed to help you find out what you really want for your business and help you to design the action to implement to get the results you want. if you are like most entrepreneurs, you can easily get caught up in the day-to-day tasks that are required for your business to run smoothly. When this happens, it’s hard to take the time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You can start falling behind on self-management and forgo doing the things that really keep you sane and ultimately allow you to excel in your business. If you are struggling with the never-ending list of to dos, or a certain area of your life is impeding your progress and you are looking to improve overall well-being, I can help. Working together we will get you to where you want to go.

2. Are You Struggling Just to Keep Up?

Again a Coach with entrepreneurial expertise can helps you develop the capacity to handle the increased complexity of your business and your life. According to the Harvard Business Review, 2 out of 5 new CEOs fail in their first 18 months on the job. Partly due to this troubling figure, CEO’s from many Fortune 500 companies (such as Google) employ professional coaches to help them cope with their day to day life. Statistics show that 85% of small businesses fail within one year. And 57% businesses record an annual revenue of less than $25,000. This is abysmal. Luckily, this is completely avoidable. Coaching can help you get your business plan in order and support you in implementing strategies and structures that will ensure your long term success.

3. Do You Ever Feel Like People Just Don’t Get It?

You need to have your spouse understand you just the same as you need your employees to understand you. Communication is the engine that runs today’s modern world and online and brick and mortar business alike. Coaching will help to make sure you are communicating your ideas and thoughts clearly.

4. Would You Like to Expand Your Social Life?

If you find yourself in a constantly shrinking group of friends and are tired of relying on the same friend or family member for support, a Success Coach will assist you in establishing the tools to create a more fulfilling social life.

5. Do You Need Help Establishing Your Purpose?

Those who have no purpose, have no foundation on which to build or expand. A Success Coach will help you establish a clear purposeful foundation for your Life and Business, allowing you to move forward with determination and confidence.

6. Do You Ever Experience People Crossing Your Boundaries?

A Success Coach will help you set expectations with your family, colleagues, and friends. This will ensure that everyone knows when you are available and when you are not. By being clear with these expectations you will be able to meet the expectations of everyone without having to constantly renegotiate your schedule and suffer burnout.

7. Do You Suffer from Low Self Confidence?

A Success Coach will help you become more aware of the positive things you bring to relationships, as well as your inner strengths, so you can capitalize on them. What we put our attention on increases so we will keep it positive and the good will become more and more self evident.

8. Does The Word Balance Sound Good to You?

In today’s world, just about everyone struggles to define and maintain a comfortable work/life balance. A Success Coach will help get you track and create structures in your daily life that will help you to stay on track and keep the exact level of balance you desire.

9. Do You Ever Look Up At The Clock On Your Mac & Wonder Where The Time Went?

With technology today, we are bombarded with interruption. To varying degrees nearly everyone loses focus at some point. This can quickly lead to feeling overloaded. For this reason, having an outsider’s perspective is key to getting back on track. As your Success Coach, we will work to first identify what your major expenditures of time and energy are. Those things that can prevent you from getting ahead and keep you feeling stuck day after day after day. Working together, we will implement the daily use of the LifeMAP and keep you moving forward, keeping your eye on your objective while expressing yourself with more passion than ever.

10. Do You Know Exactly What You Want Out of Life?

A Success Coach can offer guidance in creating your vision of how you’d like your life to be. Then, assist you in creating a plan of action and provide moral support as you bring your goals to reality.
Whether you are a CEO of a large corporation, a stay at home mom or a struggling entrepreneur, you can benefit from having a Success Coach support you along your journey. Many people often turn to the advice of friends and family, and perhaps even worse, the internet. Unfortunately these people often hold biased opinions and even if their ideas are great, they may not be great for you. They may not see the entire picture of what you are trying to accomplish. Or be capable of holding a space vast enough for you to grow into. They may also not take it as serious as you need them too. A Success Coach keeps you accountable, she/he can step in, evaluate where you are in life, help you to establish a clear and simple way to remove roadblocks and help you move steadily forward toward your goals.
Go ahead and ask yourself, “Am I ready for the life of my dreams?” An honest answer is the first step. Sign up for ongoing FREE videos, tips and trainings to stay in the know.

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